Soulful Eyes (Poetry)

Even if a hundred years pass by, I will always remember the time when I first laid eyes upon him and his beautiful soulful eyes that carried me through the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. ┬ę

The Cycle of the Depressed (Poetry)

Recognition is just a game we play Here in our inventive space Of elves and shards That dance to tunes Of roses and flutes With melodies That shine above All mountain tops Even as the sun Pokes fun at us From a height That reaches galaxies And destines Of shooting stars From time to time…

Destiny (Poetry)

They stared at each other contemplating their existence when a magnificent view grabbed their attention. Their lives came to focus when they realized life is a work of art worth every breath. ┬ę

Memories (Poetry)

He smiled at her playfully as she placed her hair behind her ears. She felt the breeze push against her instincts to stay calm as her hair strands took a life of their own. It was chilly but the sun was still bright so she wore sunglasses that day. He reached for her hand and…